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  Crushing Solutions in Construction Waste
    By 2020, Henan Province aims to achieve significant reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization, and industrialization of construction waste. The resource utilization rate of construction waste in provincial cities is expected to exceed 70%, while in county-level cities, it should surpass 50%. Chang Qingsheng, a leader from the Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, emphasized the importance of construction waste reuse during a recent work deployment
  High-Carbon Ferrochrome Ore Crushing Project
    The high-carbon ferrochrome ore crushing project by MSW has completed pre-production equipment testing and is about to commence formal production. To meet customer requirements, MSW has provided a customized mobile crushing and screening process and a complete set of tire-type mobile crushing and screening equipment, tailored to the project's production needs and site conditions. Due to the high value of the crushed material—high-carbon ferrochrome ore—the project is expected to generate an output value of nearly 6 million per hour after production begins!
  Profitability of Stone Crushing Projects
    though the specific profit margin varies depending on factors such as scale, product quality, and sales prices. Currently, with national policies supporting manufactured sand production, and standardized processes, the industry is quite lucrative. For example, a customer in Zhejiang processes granite with a selling price of 45-120 yuan per ton (depending on specifications), with a daily production of 1600-2000 tons. This results in an estimated daily revenue of around 72,000 yuan (1600 tons × 45 yuan). After deducting basic operating costs, the annual profit can exceed one million yuan. Therefore, the potential for growth in this industry is significant.
  Carbide Buttons in the Mining Machinery
    Cemented carbide buttons play a crucial role in the mining machinery industry. Their excellent performance characteristics make them widely used in various mining machinery equipment, providing key support for mining production. From mining to ore processing, cemented carbide buttons perform critical functions at different stages, enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and production quality of mining machinery. The following sections will discuss the applications of cemented carbide buttons in the mining machinery industry in detail.
  New Energy Construction Machinery Conference
    2024 New Energy Construction Machinery Conference Held in Huaian, Jiangsu
  Intelligent Rock Drilling Robots
    Rock drilling is the first and most crucial step in underground mining. Although the previously used rock drilling rigs were technically mature, they relied heavily on personnel and required a large number of workers, making safety risk management difficult.